Traffic Management

Digital platform for results focussed, operations wide management. Improving performance and increasing capacity.

Traffic Management Solutions on our Luminate Digital Platform

Traffic ManagementOur traffic management solutions provide a digital layer of intelligence enabling you to improve performance, increase capacity and manage disruption. By implementing planning models based on powerful predictive analytics, our results focused software will work with you to deliver advanced automation and a more efficient network. Our system is designed to minimise the impact of issues by combining an operations wide look ahead and automation with real-time command. Using smart algorithms we deliver the best workable scenarios during traffic disturbance and give you the visibility and agility needed to make good decisions quickly. We are design ready for an era of smart cities, connected transport and shared information. Whether directly connecting to our operational systems, mining our powerful algorithms or interacting with third party data feeds, we show you the sharpest and smartest insights.

Key Benefits of Luminate

  • Digital platform delivering real time, route wide control for dynamic disruption management.
  • Advanced planning models to improve performance and maximise capacity.
  • Train Graphing tool to provide clear visibility of historic, planned, current and predicted train paths.
  • Smart interfaces to share intelligence and decision making with stakeholders and partners.
  • Flexible and compatible – will overlay in situ signalling control systems.
  • Open architecture – digital platform enables interaction with key third party systems.

Signalling Control Systems

A flexible platform providing automated movement authorities to any interlocking and easy integration to any open architected Traffic Management System (TMS); reduce infrastructure renewal costs, operational costs and overlay your chosen business systems.

Scalable Signalling Control Systems

SigOur signalling control systems are installed throughout the UK, managing high density, mixed traffic and complex areas as well as simple rural routes. From analogue to digital, Scalable connected to all types of interlocking to drive down the costs and disruption of infrastructure renewals. Our software takes care of the interface to the complex safety level of the railway. We interact with your TMS to give you seamless operational control across the framework, ensuring lasting benefit through improvements to daily operations. Our open architecture is designed for easy interfaces so that networks can become more connected in a cost efficient and sustainable way. In the fast changing world of digital transport, Scalable is built for evolution.

Key Benefits of Scalable

  • Route-wide configurable control – manage the network from any work station.
  • Automatic Route Setting (ARS) – maximum efficiency, even in complex areas.
  • Connects seamlessly to all types of interlocking – reduces renewal capital costs.
  • Flexible digital platform – simple integration through APIs to external data feeds, traffic management systems and business systems.
  • Reduced renewal and life cycle costs – sustainable system designed for existing infrastructures and changing environments.

Operations Management

Real time disruption management. Plan optimum stock and crew utilisation; improving service resilience and customer satisfaction.

Luminate Operations Management

Operations ManagerOur operations and allocation software delivers real time disruption management by enabling dynamic resource planning matched to timetable changes. Through our Luminate digital platform, we provide deployment solutions that help you when schedules need to be changed fast. Our algorithms present you with the best ways to re-allocate your stock and crew, while our applications enable you to communicate your decisions to your team and receive adhoc feedback. The end result is a more resilient service, lowered costs and increased customer satisfaction.

Key Benefits of Operations Management

  • Creates full visibility – minimise disruption by re-planning with a complete view of the network.
  • Digital asset tracking – receive precise locations of stock and crew for efficient task allocation.
  • Enables business intelligence by delivering historic, real time and predictive insights for smarter decisions.
  • Expedites and clarifies communication – deliver instructions and receive feedback via our crew application.
  • Interfaces dynamically through APIs – share data with third party systems for multi layered insight.

Customer Xperience

Customer insight and data analytics; delivering informed journeys and personalised engagement.

Digital CX

CXOur programmes open clear lines of communication that enable you to provide customers with informed end to end journeys. By creating interaction via our mobile applications you can establish personalised relationships with your clients and deliver valuable passenger information. Our elite algorithms merge data from direct consumer communication with social media content so that you can identify clear opportunities to improve processes. Our digital platform creates business insight that supports innovation and helps you to drive loyalty by offering the products and services that your customer wants.

Key Benefits of CX

  • Offers informed customer journeys – provide latest information on delays, congestion, weather and seats.
  • Enables business intelligence- view KPI’s to identify and action easy wins.
  • Provides connected travel through car parking, e-ticketing and taxi hire functions.
  • Personalises CRM by monitoring individual customer satisfaction and observing social media.
  • Creates retail opportunity – use strategic partners to offer tailored products and services.
  • Compensation capable – build customer loyalty by simplifying claim processes.

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